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General NTD Content Use Policy

1.     NTD Television produced, licensed or purchased content, including but not limited to video, audio, graphics or photo are essential part of NTD intellectual property.
2.     Non-NTD Websites are welcome to reference NTD contents via NTD website URLs, embed NTD videos from NTD official websites,  or embed or link from NTD’s official youtube channels.
3.     Individuals who wish to download NTD content for distribution, or Non-NTD Websites that wish to obtain,  use, or distribute NTD content must first obtain written authorization from NTD via contract or license agreements (email: license[at]ntdtv.com*).
4.     NTD will seek out and notify all unauthorized NTD-content hosting websites to remove NTD content from its sites.  NTD will pursue legal action against these websites, if they fail to comply.
*We've replaced the @ with [at] in email addresses to prevent automatic harvesting of our email addresses by spammers.

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